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Improve Safety & Efficacy of Pelvic Floor Surgery

Traditional surgical approaches to pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and associated stress urinary incontinence can fall short of desired outcomes.

Dr. Dionysios Veronikis, Vaginal Surgery and Urogynecology,    St. Louis, MO

Dr. Dionysios Veronikis, Vaginal Surgery and Urogynecology,

St. Louis, MO

  • Native tissue repairs vary in durability and may require re-operation. The scarring caused by these procedures may lead to direct or referred pain and impaired urinary, bowel or sexual function.

  • Synthetic mesh implants have been implicated in a significant number of complications, such as pain and bleeding from exposure of the mesh in the vagina and erosions into the bladder or bowel. Further, the data on whether mesh-augmented surgery is superior to native tissue repairs are variable. 1

A 2016 Cochrane review found, “The use of mesh for anterior prolapse was associated with an increased risk of any repeat surgery, which was driven by surgery for mesh removal. Native tissue and vaginal mesh surgery had similar 5-year risks for surgery for recurrent prolapse.” 2

A Better Solution

ARMS Medical has pioneered an exceptional approach to pelvic floor surgery based on the use of a next-generation biologic:

DermaPure® decellularized dermal allograft featuring patented dCELL® technology. This intact extracellular matrix is intended for supplemental support, protection and reinforcement for soft tissue repair.

Novel Biologic

A recent review of surgical updates for the treatment of POP noted:

Some investigators are looking for novel graft materials derived from the extracellular matrix that can be inserted at the time of prolapse repair to promote site-specific functional tissue remodeling without the risk of erosion. 3

DermaPure® tissue allograft is the cleanest and most pristine extracellular matrix available. The dCELL process removes cellular and DNA material from biological tissues, leaving an intact scaffold for regeneration and repopulation of the patient’s cells.

Competitive technologies leave residual DNA, can damage collagen structures and do not hold up long enough for permanent vasculature and cell development. In contrast, the dCELL process delivers a “clean slate” with the long-term strength required for full regeneration.

Once cell repopulation and blood vessel replacement are complete, the graft is effectively a natural part of the patient’s own tissue.

Advantages for the Surgeon

Our product suite also includes the following curated surgical tools:

  • StitchKit® Suture System delivers efficiency, safety, and autonomy in robotic assisted surgeries for pelvic organ prolapse

  • Vaginal Dilator Set with graduated couplers enabling patient to self-adjust to maintain their vaginal length

  • Smoke Evacuation Pencil for removal of smoke and liquid during electrocauterization

  • Vaginal Retractor System™ provides a safe and stable retraction in the narrow vaginal operative field for optimal visibility


Working closely with ARMS Medical as our provider of specialty pelvic floor surgical solutions, my team had the opportunity to use DermaPure allograft, along with the Veronikis Vaginal Retraction System. This solution allowed a minimally invasive vaginal approach for a positive surgical and patient outcome.
— R. Keith Huffaker, MD, MBA, FACOG, FPMRS
Since learning about DermaPure® from ARMS Medical, I have been very impressed by its advantages over synthetic mesh and competitive biologics. It offers good handling characteristics, is easy to place, incorporates well into surrounding tissue and has a negligible exposure rate. The proprietary dCELL® technology promotes tissue growth and healing more effectively than cross-linked products. I believe in this unique biologic platform and its usefulness in pelvic organ prolapse and mesh removal surgery.
— James Chivian Lukban, DO, FACOG, FACS, FFPMRS
DermaPure’s lack of DNA and the presence of decellularized vascular channels for tissue perfusion reduces rejection with decreased inflammation, and the preserved channels facilitate tissue incorporation and healing.
— Dionysios Veronikis, MD, FACOG, FACS
I have been looking for a new biologic to replace synthetic mesh in pelvic floor surgery. I learned about DermaPure human allograft from ARMS Medical and participated in the excellent training they provided. This training included observing anterior and posterior surgical procedures performed by Nathan Guerette, a highly respected urogynecologist. I also learned how the DermaPure tissue is processed with dCell technology
— Kenneth Baker, MD
The use of decellularized allograft allows for a more thorough repair of a pelvic floor hernia without tension and without artificial materials. In principle, this should decrease the overall recurrence rate of the prolapse and improve the symptoms of perineal laxity without the risk of foreign body erosion.
— Ana Toker, MD FACS, FACSRS
I have implanted DermaPure allograft in more than 50 pelvic floor procedures and have had zero complications. In comparison, it’s not unusual for other biologics to cause an initial immune reaction or demonstrate poor healing.
— Nathan L. Guerette, M.D., FACOG, FAAFP, FPMRS
In instances such as Stage III prolapse, a biologic implant like DermaPure allograft is needed to improve the quality of the patient’s native tissue. In my experience, women presenting with Stage III prolapse have attenuated tissue. If they only receive a native tissue repair, they typically will develop a reoccurrence.
— Manish Patel, M.D, RPh, FACS, FPMRS
When they removed the mesh, the Dermapure was deployed to completely re-construct my urethra. It’s as if this product also fixed not just the damage mesh had created in my body but also retro repaired with childbirth had done to my urethra and my bladder. It’s truly been a miracle.
— Christine V., Patient and Registered Nurse


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