ARMS Medical is committed to the success of those who connect us with their opportunities.

Once you submit your opportunity someone will be touch with you to strategize on our next steps. Once we determine that your opportunity is a new one, we will collaborate to bring the physician on board. ARMS will never circumvent those who bring us new opportunities.

After submission, your registered opportunity will be entered into our CRM system and assigned exclusively to you and our sales support team to ensure the doctor gets the attention and information they require.

We look forward to working with you and reward you $1,000 when a new doctors starts with ARMS Medical. Authorized ARMS Resellers are also eligible for potential commission under their agreements.*


Opportunity Registration Form:

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Your Phone
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Let us know if you have a seller agreement or if this may be the first time, or unaffiliated opportunity registration. You will be able to earn either way; different terms may apply.
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*Depending on the product some differences may apply in regards to the amount of the referral fee, which will be discussed when we connect with you. Registered opportunities that do not close may expire after 4 months when not actively engaged.