I wish for more women to be able to experience
the amazing recovery that I’ve enjoyed and I am grateful that companies out there like ARMS offer products like Dermapure® so women like me can participate in our lives uninhibited and unencumbered by a medical condition.
— Christine V. - Patient and Registered Nurse

A New Approach to Women’s Pelvic Health

When considering surgery for pelvic organ prolapse and/or stress urinary incontinence, here’s important information about an advanced reconstruction technique that offers multiple advantages over traditional approaches, including synthetic mesh.

Complications with Traditional Surgery

The objectives of pelvic floor surgery include improving quality of life, restoring normal function and ensuring comfort for you, the patient. However, traditional methods can fall short:

  • Synthetic mesh is a foreign material that creates substantial scarring and inflammation. It is associated with complications that can include:

    • Bladder injury

    • Mesh contraction causing vaginal tightening and pain

    • Erosion of the mesh into the bladder or rectum, causing vaginal bleeding/discharge, pelvic or groin pain, and pain with intercourse


Native tissue repair produces scars that, while useful for supporting prolapsed tissues, can result in vaginal stenosis (narrowing of the vagina), which can cause painful sexual intercourse. Scarring can also interfere with healing.

Better Outcomes

Superior Results with DermaPure®

Uro-gynecologic surgeons are now using a different method for repair and reconstruction to:

  • Improve results

  • Minimize complications

It centers on the use of a biologic – a special type of human tissue called dermal allograft. This tissue, DermaPure® with dCELL® technology, has been treated to remove cells and DNA while preserving the structural framework of the tissue. It serves as a scaffold, or matrix, for attachment of cells that lead to regeneration of the patient’s own tissue.

ARMS Medical supplies the dermal allograft, together with specialized tools, to leading surgeons and hospitals.

“I like the properties of DermaPure and am impressed that the manufacturer’s dCell technology goes beyond what other companies have done to make the tissue hypoallergenic – removing DNA and proteins that the patient’s body could react to. And there is data to support this, which is important to doctors like me who are removing synthetic mesh and observing all the inflammation and fibrosis that is going on.”
— Kenneth Baker, MD


  • Clean and pristine: DermaPure® allograft is a “clean canvas” that promotes rapid cell proliferation for faster healing

  • Faster blood vessel replacement

  • Less scarring: In comparison with other types of tissue, studies have shown that DermaPure significantly reduces scar formation


Our network of leading doctors and hospitals can

Are you a Candidate?

Do you have symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse?

  • Feeling of pressure or fullness in the pelvic area

  • Low backache

  • Painful sexual intercourse

  • Urinary problems

Are you experiencing stress urinary incontinence symptoms?

Risk factors include: 

  • Age

  • Body weight

  • Vaginal delivery

  • Previous pelvic surgery

Did You Know?

  • Pelvic organ prolapse affects approximately 8% to 11% of women

  • This condition develops due to weakening of the connective tissue, muscles and nerves that form the “pelvic floor,” often as a result of vaginal childbirth

  • When the pelvic floor is weakened, the bladder, uterus, rectum or small intestine can descend, creating a bulge in the vagina

  • Pelvic organ prolapse can cause symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence and difficulty emptying the bladder

  • Statistically, as an adult female, you have a 12.6% chance of undergoing pelvic organ prolapse surgery in your lifetime