Cutting Edge Technology for Superior Patient Satisfaction

Your patients are looking for new approaches to pelvic floor surgery that avoid the well-known complications of synthetic mesh, the scarring associated with native tissue repairs and the frequent post surgery follow-up of issues resulting from both methods.

ARMS Medical is pioneering a superior approach to pelvic floor surgery based on the use of DermaPure® allograft, a next-generation biologic, and a suite of exceptional surgical tools. Our advanced technologies help women recover faster, with fewer complications and an improved quality of life, compared to earlier techniques.

By adding this surgical procedure to your uro-gynecological services, your facility will:

  • Stand out from competitors using synthetic mesh
  • Attract new patients interested in advanced surgical alternatives
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores and generate recommendations
  • Promote better outcomes and reduce complications and length of stay
  • Strengthen JCAHO compliance and enhance your ratings with US News & World Report

Join other leading hospitals nationwide that have adopted this surgical approach using the ARMS Medical suite of products. ARMS Medical will help your staff by:

  • Providing education and training to your surgeons and other clinicians
  • Offering guidance on billing and reimbursement for surgery and DermaPure® implants
  • Advising on coding